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Skin Whitening Treatment Therapy Kota Damansara

Skin whitening treatment at Regalion Clinic Kota Damansara is a combination cosmetic treatment that is used to lighten skin tone and alleviate hyperpigmentation. Our skin whitening treatment in Kota Damansara Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, reduces melanin production or concentration. Melanin is the pigment responsible for skin color and sun protection.

Excessive melanin production, known as hyperpigmentation, leads to skin darkening. There are three forms of hyperpigmentation: melasma, solar lentigines, and chloasma.

  • Melasma is a post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation resulting from acne scars, wounds, or rashes.
  • Solar lentigines are dark spots caused by prolonged sun exposure without protection.
  • Chloasma refers to skin discoloration due to hormonal changes, which can occur from estrogen therapy, birth control, or pregnancy.

Features & benefits:

Skin Whitening & Lightening Techniques

There are three primary skin lightening techniques commonly used for removing blemishes: chemical peels, skin lightening creams, and laser treatment.

  • Chemical peels involve applying a liquid to the target area to exfoliate dead skin cells and encourage new cell growth. These treatments can be costly, sometimes taking up to four months to heal, and certain peels aren’t suitable for darker skin tones.
  • Skin lightening creams offer another alternative but aren’t permanent since the skin continuously regenerates, leading to new melanin production.
  • Laser treatment is a more lasting solution because it destroys melanin-producing cells, preventing their regeneration.

Frequently Asked Questions About Skin Whitening Treatment

The effect of the laser on the skin feels like tiny pinpricks or a mild tingling sensation, which some patients may find slightly uncomfortable.To alleviate this, our doctor can apply a topical anesthetic. Additionally, our laser can emit in a randomized spray pattern, further minimizing discomfort.After treatment, the treated area may appear slightly red, but any discomfort will subside in a few days.

You need to use a moisturizer and sunblock for 2-3 weeks. Post-laser care is tailored to each individual, so it’s crucial to follow your physician’s specific advice and instructions for the best results.

Ablative laser treatments remove the skin’s outer layer, while non-ablative treatments leave this layer intact and heat the underlying skin layers.We use non-ablative laser treatments, which offer quicker recovery times and a lower risk of scarring. However, more sessions may be needed compared to ablative treatments to achieve your desired results.

Laser treatment for hyperpigmentation provides a permanent solution by destroying melanin-producing cells. Once the lesions are removed, they won’t return. However, hormonal changes, aging, and UV exposure can cause the skin to develop new hyperpigmentation spots.

Our laser treatments target existing affected areas but cannot prevent new hyperpigmentation from forming.

Face and Body Whitening Treatment Latest Promotion

Whitening Chemical Peel

starts from RM 350
  • 1 session : RM350
  • 3 sessions : RM1050
  • 5 sessions : RM1750 (free 1 session whitening Drip)
  • 8 sessions :RM2800 (Free 2 sessions Whitening drip)

Brightening Medical Grade facial

starts from RM 450
  • 1 session : RM450
  • 3 sessions : RM1350
  • 5 sessions : RM2250 (free 1 session whitening drip)
  • 8 sessions : RM3200 (free 1 session whitening drip + 1 session whitening growth factor injection)

Whitening IV Drip

starts from RM 400
  • 1 session : RM400
  • 3 sessions : RM1050
  • 5 sessions : RM1750
  • 10 sessions : RM3000

Whitening Laser Treatment

starts from RM 300
  • 1 session: RM300
  • 3 sessions : RM900
  • 5 sessions : RM1500
  • 8 sessions : RM2400 (free 1 session whitening vit c skin booster + 1 session whitening Iv drip)

Advanced Growth Factor Whitening Injection

starts from RM 600
  • 1 session: RM600
  • 3 sessions : RM1500
  • 5 sessions: RM2500
  • 8 sessions :RM3200 (free 1 session of laser treatment + 1 session iv drip + 1 session chemical peel)


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